Beautify your place with Jute Rugs

Rugs and carpets are two terms that are usually used interchangeably but duly noted there is a difference in both. Usually, carpets are used to cover the whole floor that is from wall to wall whereas rugs are used only to cover a specific part of the floor. Usually, the term rug refers to a smaller item whereas a carpet is generally bigger. The similarity between two is that both are a thick piece of cloth woven by organic fibers or synthetic materials. They both are used to decorate homes, offices and places one owns.

The rugs can be made up of organic materials such as jute. The rugs made out of jute are usually durable and soft. These rugs are completely natural as coming out of fibers made of dried plant. The life of a jute rug is much longer and it is maintenance-free. There are reasons why one should buy jute rugs:

  • A reasonable choice for indoors

The jute rugs are durable and natural. The cleaning of a jute rug is relatively easy as they usually just need vacuum regularly. Most of the jute rugs are pet- friendly. The jute rugs are mostly in their original tan colour, which makes it easy for them to get blend in with the décor of the place. The jute rugs are thicker than other natural fibre made rugs. Also when jute rugs are blended with other materials they create softer rugs. These are so soft that even children can play on them.

  • Easy Maintenance

The jute rugs are easy to be maintained. They just need a regular vacuum and they are clean. To clean them more thoroughly, the rugs should be cleaned with a brush attachment on the vacuum. By using such vacuum from various directions will clean the rug. To have a longer life of the rug, avoid vacuuming any stitched or binding part of the rug.

  • All Natural Rug

If one has pledged to ‘Go Green’ then there is no better option than a jute rug. The rug made up of jute is environment friendly as jute is a rain-fed crop that is grown with the least use of pesticides and fertilizers. The jute fibre is renewable and biodegradable. The jute rug is a to-go choice for nature lovers.

  • Affordable

The jute rugs are not much expensive as jute is a less expensive fibre. The jute fibre is easy to grow and is available in abundance which makes the costing of jute rug lower. The jute rug is not only an eco- friendly option but budget-friendly as well.

  • Looks of the rug

The jute rug mostly matches with every décor. The jute rug can be in colours such as tan, the brown or beige colour that are neutral shades and can be matched with anything. These rugs can go with modern to antique, any kind of interiors.

So, these are the reason when one should surely buy jute rugs. They are pocket friendly and beautiful at the same time.

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