Biliary stents and procedures: what do you know about them?

The medical world is expanding leaps and bounds. You can find a huge advancement in this field. You can ensure that you have the best experience with your medical problems. The doctors are using simpler ways, better equipment and advanced tools to ensure that the issues get diagnosed and treated timely.

You can come across professionals who deal in diverse instruments and equipment that get used in hospitals and medicine facilities. For example, you can easily talk with biliary stent manufacturers and get to know more about such products. Have you ever heard of the procedure of ERCP (short of endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography)? You know what; this is a vital procedure that gets used to diagnose issues of the biliary system, pancreas, gallbladder, and liver. The test appears “upstream” wherein digestive fluid flows from the area of liver, pancreas and gallbladder. In these areas it steps in the intestines. Apart from this, ERCP can also get used to treat matters in these areas of the digestive system.

What Happens During the process of ERCP?

During the process of ERCP, a gastroenterologist (doctor who is specialist in treating issues of the gastrointestinal system), is uses a special endoscope (a long, flexible tube that has a light and camera at the end). It is used to evaluate the inside of the digestive system. The medical professionals identifies the place wherein the bile duct gets into the intestine and then feeds a tiny catheter (a plastic tube) into channel and shoots in a contrast agent while X-rays get performed. The contrast agent allows the doctors to find out the bile ducts, the gallbladder, and the pancreatic duct on X-rays. Once the reason or source of the problem gets identified, the doctor can then treat it by performing one of the following procedures.


It is a treatment that involves making a small incision (cut) in opening of the pancreatic duct or area of bile duct. It can assist tiny bile, gallstones, and pancreatic fluid to get drained in a proper manner.

Stent placement

A stent is a drainage tube that is laid in the bile duct or the pancreatic duct to grasp the duct open and allow it to drain.

Gallstone removal

ERCP can be absolutely helpful to eradicate gallstones from the bile duct, but it might be able to do so right from the gallbladder.

Do you think the ERCP is Safe?

An ERCP is considered to be a low-risk treatment; however, complications might take place. These can include bowel perforation, pancreatitis, infections, and bleeding. Patients who have an ERCP for treatment, like that of gallstone removal, do encounter a massive risk of complications than that of patients experiencing the test to diagnose an ailment or a disease.  The doctor would speak with you about the dangers or risks of these procedures before it gets started.

Should you prepare for this process?

Before undergoing ERCP, allow your doctor to know about any medical issues or situations that you might have such as:

  • Heart conditions.
  • Lung conditions.
  • Pregnancy.
  • Allergies to any medications.

It is also great if you take the diabetes medication that you consume along so that the doctor might examine it as well for your safety.


Thus, the point is whether plastic biliary stent or any other tools, the doctors do use them to ensure that any problem in your body gets diagnosed in time for the best treatments!

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