DesignEvo Logo Maker, application for Mac: create impressive logos easier

DesignEvo Logo Maker, application for Mac: create impressive logos easier

Designing logos is beautiful art! When I was a child, I spent hours creating symbols and was very happy every time my parents and teachers appreciated them. When my passion took me to the vast world of graphics and design, I learned two fundamental things to create a sensational design: imagination without limits and the eternal spirit of experimenting. The third most important thing in design is the “resource” that includes vast tools.
About a week ago, I received “DesignEvo” – The logo creation application for Mac: for review. The implementation attracted me for several reasons, and I loved creating different symbols using their tools. The only quality that stood out from the moment I launched into it is the simplicity that gave the impression that anyone can create fascinating designs with ease. Keep reading …
DesignEvo Logo Maker App for Mac
Massive library of more than 10,000 customizable logo templates
The only feature, which I always want to have in my favorite logo maker application, is the extensive collection of predefined templates. And the form has not disappointed me at all in this regard.
The vast library is more than 10,000ready-made. The templates are beautifully designed. Available in a wide range of options such as art and entertainment, technology, restaurant, fashion and beauty, education, pet, club, legal and political, lifestyle, and more, they will not let their fantastic concept disappear, in most cases.
Depending on your subject, you can also search for templates if your eyes cannot easily detect them. And once you’ve found your favorite launchpad, starting your work is very easy.

More than 100 attractive fonts and text styles
When creating a logo, I try several sources just to ensure that the design looks perfectly combined with the words. There are not too many logo creation applications for macOS, which offers abundant fonts.

DesignEvo has more than 100 rich fonts with beautiful text styles. Then, you can decorate every word to your heart’s taste.
Immaculate editing tools
For me, editing tools are the real soul of any logo maker. Every time a sensational idea hits the mind, it is those advanced tools that bring it to light. Besides, they also help the artist to break the chains that eventually pave the way forward for the common logos.

I have found all kinds of arsenals necessary to make beautiful designs in this application. More importantly, the tools are easy to use and can be mastered without much practice. Even if you are not a great symbol maker, you can surprise everyone by using a variety of practical tools.
To start, you can choose a template suitable for the different options or load icons or images from your Mac. The application accepts three file formats, such as JPG, PNG, and SVG. I wish there were support for some essential file formats such as TIFF, PDF, PSD, and HEIF. However, in most cases, you will not run out of options.
Then, enter the name of the company and the slogan. You can then take full advantage of the tools available to decorate your masterpiece.
Adjust the opacity and use flips and mirror effects.
You can easily adjust the opacity of your image. There is also an option to use the flip and mirror effect for the selected element to make your design look more attractive.

Adorn your text
The striking text adds the x-factor to a logo. DesignEvo offers you the desired control over font color editing, size, style, alignment, spacing, etc. And yes, you can also configure the curved text, which I find very attractive.
The glow effect adds magic to the words. Add an outline and move freely, resize, and rotate the elements.
Set transparent or filled background with solid and gradient color
You can set a transparent background or fill the image with solid and gradient colors.

Adjust the canvas size and scale as necessary. To ensure you have the desired freedom, the logo creator for macOS also allows you to generate different designs automatically. With the undo/redo option available, you will not hesitate to try different things.
Support for multiple languages
Another essential feature of this application is the support of various styles, including English, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, and Traditional Chinese. So, if you are not comfortable with English, you have the option of choosing another language.
Price and availability

The verdict
DesignEvo is quite punctual! The clean user interfaces, together with the easy-to-use tools, improve the user experience. The availability of an extensive collection of predefined templates enriches it even more.
The application is prepared for those who want to create attractive logos quickly without putting much stress. I would recommend this application if you’re going to continue with the logo design or if you’re going to develop flashy symbols with ease.
Let me know what you think of this application and whether or not you want to try it.
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