Does India Offer Scoliosis Treatment at Cheapest Prices?

Yes, the news is entirely accurate, that it is possible to avail the scoliosis treatment in India at the minimum reasonable prices. No other country can offer you the Scoliosis Surgery at a rate provided by India.

No matter if you compare to any other part of the world that is known for its profound medical services. Scoliosis Surgery Price India varies between USD 11,000 to USD 13,000.

Now, you might be curious to know the expenses involved for the same procedure in other states too.

Well, if you or someone from your family or acquaintances have Scoliosis and want to compare the price of treatment based on the geographical locations, continue to read the blog.

Cost Comparison of Scoliosis Treatment in India with Other Renowned Countries Offering Satisfactory Treatment:

Let us know which all countries offer a satisfactory solution for Scoliosis disorder and also the price of treatment in a specific country.

  • The US:

We all are aware that the doctors in the US can provide successful treatment for almost all the possible health issues. Same is true for scoliosis. However, the cost of procedures is so high in the country that none of the medical tourist’s plans to visit the country for their treatment.

If we consider price for scoliosis procedure in the US, it may range between 62,000 to 1,40,000 US dollars. Now, the starting price of the procedure is approximately four times higher compared to India. If the condition of the patient is worse, then the cost can increase to ten times higher.

It may not be possible for all to afford such a high cost of treatment. Especially not for the middle-income group. We can never deny the fact that over 78% of the world economy belongs to the middle-income group.

  • The UK:

Next in the list of countries offering satisfactory treatment in the UK. The cost of scoliosis treatment in the UK is a bit lower when compared to the US. Nevertheless, it is still too high when we compare the price of treatment with India.

The approximate expenses involved in the scoliosis surgery in the UK are in the range of USD 46,000 to 1,10,000. The starting price is three times higher than the maximum costs engaged in India. If you compare the upper limit, you will spend 50 to 60 % more if you plan to undergo Scoliosis surgery in the UK.

Above are examples of just the top two countries offering scoliosis treatment with a high success rate. However, the price scenario is almost similar in countries like Russia, Singapore, Turkey and more.

In short, Scoliosis Treatment Cost India is the least, and the success rate of the surgery is the highest.

Final Words:

If you are looking forward to availing the treatment in India, then you can seek help from the top medical tourism companies in the country. They will help you in gaining information about the top hospitals and surgeons of India, along with getting you an appointment.

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