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Effective Business Promotions: To Gloss or To Matte Is the Question

While going for print promotions, choosing gloss finish or matte finish is a tough choice. Although there are many for whom, it does not really matter and opting for either of these depends on the budget, both of these have their own set of usages. A gloss finish gives your print material a shine whereas the matte finish provides a more textured feel without any shine.

A gloss coat gives your printed product protection against wear and tear and protects your content from any kind of hampering. A matte finish provides your content with a held-back appearance, soft colors, and less shine. Choosing for either of these depends totally on you and your brand’s personality.

Online printing allows you to design your promotional materials and ad gloss or matte finish. Or you can also choose from templates. And all this comes at affordable wholesale printing rates.

Here are some tips and recommendations on how to choose the best finish for your print products.

  1. Business Cards

Most companies opt for a gloss finish when it comes to business cards printing, as it not only gives the card a shiny appearance but it also adds a protective layer which prevents any wear and tear. This finish also helps the images look more polished.

Yet, there are indeed brands that use the matte finish in their business cards. Brands that have a dark background in their business cards opt for this coating as it is more soothing to the eyes. However, if you are planning to incorporate words in your business cards, a matte finish is a better option due to its writeable surface. A Business Cards Printing Service has both these finishes for you to choose from according to your use and purpose, and whichever suits your brand better.

  • Postcards

Opting for gloss or matte finish for your postcards depends totally on your purpose and your industry. If you are promoting a hotel or restaurant or an economic firm, a gloss coating will make your postcards look more pulling. For a more personalized postcard, opting for a matte coating provides a cozier touch and can be used as a writeable surface.

  • Brochures

Brochures with a gloss finish are a common choice especially for brands that incorporate images for their promotion. A gloss finish makes the images look shiny and the colors more vibrant.

Matte coated brochures are not that commonly used but there are times when they are more useful and effective. If you decide to incorporate important text then this finish will help you highlight it. Many institutions use the matte finish as it is more fitting to the serious nature of work.

  • Flyers And Posters

Flyers and posters are both eligible to use gloss and matte finish and the choice to go for either depends totally on the use and purpose.

A gloss coating is more festive in its nature and can be used by brands to highlight offers, discounts, and sales via outdoor promotions.

A matte finish is more suited to incorporate designs that are vintage in nature. They have a subdued appearance which gives them a more elegant and serious feel.

  •  Booklets And Catalogs

Gloss finish is more preferred to booklets and catalogs that matte finish as the gloss texture protects the image from any kind of wear and tear and also keeps the images and colors vibrant. These are often preferred by brands that depend on images of high-resolution in their catalogs and booklets.

There are numerous brands that opt for matte finish in their booklets and catalogs. This may be because it reflects their personality and nature of work better. Moreover, the matte finish also makes it easier to read the contents and write on the print products as well.

Online printing services allow you to select from a large variety of paper stocks. Hence, irrespective of what kind of print products you are opting for, you will have the ability to select the coating of your choice that you think is perfect for you and your brand.

You need to market your services to continue to stay recognized in your business. Opt for online printing services that are proven to increase business sales. Moreover, you can increase your revenue by availing print products wholesale prices. Thus will help you save more money.

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