Europe off the Beaten Path: What to See and Do

Forget about famous tourist attractions in Europe, they’re too crowded. If you want to avoid clashing with tourists from every other part of the world, going off the beaten path in Europe is a great idea. Choose to visit places that aren’t so popular and you’ll have a great time. Plus, you’ll have some of the most unique photos to show your friends and upload to Instagram. But what exactly are the best things to see and do in Europe outside the most popular destinations? Read on to find out.

Enjoy sun hours in Kristiansand

If you’re looking for an amazing place in the Old Continent that isn’t a popular tourist destination, look no further than Kristiansand, a city in Southern Norway. What makes this city so special is that it’s the place that gets the most sun hours in Scandinavia in summer. If you enjoy breathtaking views and plan want to take unique photos, this is the place to be. In case you end up traveling in July, you can also make it to one of the biggest beach parties in Scandinavia called Palmesus. Another good idea is to rent a car and explore coastal villages and fjords near Kristiansand.

Check out medieval castles in Debrecen

Tourists often target popular museums and for those want to check out something else, visiting Debrecen, the second biggest city in Hungary is a no-brainer. This student city is home to medieval castles that are something you won’t be able to see anywhere else. The places you definitely can’t miss are the Fuzer Castle and the Boldogko Castle, both of which are located near the city and can be visited in a day trip. Other than castles, Debrecen offers some of the most amazing bars you’ll see in this part of Europe.

Storm the Kalemegdan Fortress in Belgrade

Belgrade, the capital of Serbia is one of the spots in Europe where you can take as many enjoyable walks as you want. Not only that you can check out the popular Knez Mihailova street but the fortress it leads to is also something you just don’t want to miss out on. There’s history at every turn in the Kalemegdan fortress and it gives you chances to watch the sun go down over Zemun. If you’re traveling in summer, be sure to check out the city beach called Ada Ciganlija also known as “Belgrade’s seaside.” When it comes to events, checking out the exclusive AskGamblers awards is a must.

Talk to local fishermen in Lesbos

It’s hard to find a Greek island that doesn’t get overloaded with tourists every summer but this seems to be the case with Lesbos. This laid-back island is full of fishing villages and deserted winding roads that might be exactly what you’re looking for. Not to mention that the beaches are amazing and you’re guaranteed to fall in love with the way local people treat tourists. Depending on when you decide to travel, you might get a chance to attend Ouzo Fest, an event dedicated to the Greek national drink.

Swim in the Green Lakes in Vilnius

Another place you can’t go wrong with if don’t want to brave a crowd in every corner is Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. The architecture, the weather, and the fresh air will remind of every big city in Europe but you’ll get to wander the streets without bumping into other tourists at every corner. Visiting the Green Lakes and taking a dip is something you simply have to try. You can even rent a kayak and just enjoy the view. Get there on the Street Musician’s Day and you’ll experience something you’ve never seen before. Anyone who plays an instrument can take part and the entire city turns into a musical playground.

Over to you

Who needs the popular tourist locations when there are gems like the five mentioned above everywhere across the Old Continent? Opt for one these places and you can be assured you’ll have a memorable trip and come back with a bunch of stories to tell. Even once you see and do everything we talked about here, you’ll still be able to find a plethora of undiscovered locations everywhere in Europe.

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