Follow this Tips & Tricks & be a Pro in Online Shopping.

Tips & Tricks on how to be a Pro in Online Shopping.

Winter is around, and with that shopping season is also around. You might see lots and lots of shopping offers popping up your mobile screen. That irritating sometimes, but also an opportunity to pick your best deal this season. Check out for more such tips and trick on Topz Media 

I India winter season generally lasts from November mid till Feb mid. Everyone needs to buy warm clothes, also there is Christmas and new year around, so we do shopping for those occasions as well, so we have lots on our list.

Going around and finding the right attire is a painful task for most of us, but not anymore. Online shopping allows us to buy everything and anything while having hot tea or coffee at our home sofa.

But all said its never easy to get stuff online, not because of availability but because of choices. For online portals it’s like a war, they keep pushing ads on your screen without any shame.


In this scenario, it’s not very difficult to become an online expert. Below are a few tips that would definitely help you in becoming a pro in online shopping.

Don’t jump on the Bandwagon:

The best advice is to hold some likely items in your shopping cars and wait for a couple of days. It may be time to lay back and just wait and watch for some days. It’s possible that you might get some additional discounts or coupon codes via notifications. Here, your wait is worth, when you get such notifications, just grab the offer.

Try to search for refurbished goods:

You will find good numbers of websites and portals where you can get good quality refurbished items and goods at reasonable prices. The easiest way is to just search in google “refurbished products”. With a simple click, you might end up saving lots of money. But this trick can even backfire if you do not analyze your options properly and saving money can turn into wasting money.

Digging out Unique Designs:

Many designers got their collection out on online websites. Some mobile phones have exclusively launched their editions to online portals. Many Muslim women always complain about not having elegant abaya designs over the internet. But the international designer has worked hard to bring some latest trendy super comfortable abayas and hijabs for all occasions. If you are the one wants to update the closet before every event, then do not miss modest forever collection for this summer.

Utilize social media:

Social media is a hot favorite when you are looking for the best deals, you can visit company pages to check out if they have some discount to offer, along with other mediums fashion companies now a day uses social media more than ever to reach its targeted audience. You can also follow fashion bloggers and influencers as they also post offers on their pages related to these brands. It’s very important to keep yourself very updated if you want to get benefits from such deals first hand. Also keep yourself updated about new product launches, sale, its timings, and other stuff to take benefit of it.

Research product: You won’t believe that few fashion portals might have the same product at different prices. It’s recommended that you always go through more than one website while checking for collections and variation of any things like clothes, household, decorations, etc.

Shop anything:

Shop anything in no way means mean shop thing that you do not look for. But do not always fond of brands and price freak, try to flexible it is better to buy twice rather than spending thousands on one.

The online world is just like fantasy, and everything is there you name it is there. Clothes, designer clothes, accessory, cheap accessoriness, appliances, electronics, grocery, cosmetics, decorative everything is available online and at affordable prices. So, next, you shop try to remember any of the tips and you will be going to nail it.

Contest & Giveaways

Brands always keep on coming up with contests and giveaways on their social pages, especially Facebook. Contests are very simple as the main objectives of the brands are to get maximum shares and comments on their posts and page. This increases their engagement on-page, and they get better reach by such activities, plus fans keep on visiting pages to take part in more contests and win big. Example below.



Online shopping is an art and very few have mastered it. If you keep your eyes and ears open then there no chance that, a mouth-watering deal may getaway. Different seasons bring different opportunities, so this new year is an opportunity for you to get the best attire for yourself. So, buckle up and follow the above tips & tricks to get the best possible deal to pamper yourself.



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