Here Is How You Can Make Your Bathroom Look Trendy and Chic

So, you have been browsing through Pinterest to get some inspiration for your bathroom makeover. Instead of finding something inspiring, you are doused with the same all-white and minimalistic theme which died back in 2016? Do not worry because you have landed at the right spot. In this post, we will educate you about making your bathroom look trendy with just your tiles.

What is trending?

This year, tiles are the trendiest piece of decoration, especially for bathrooms. They can change the look of it in one go. The modern era of tiling your bathroom does not only stop at the floors but, it goes up until it touches the ceiling. Currently, the tiles with some shape or geometry are in the game.

Everyone wants them to change the look of their bathroom from plain jane to Egyptian castle. The monotonous square tiles have been long gone, and it does not look like that they come back will be warmly welcomed.

However, on the other hand, the tram tiles and flimsy square shape tiles are getting prominent as each day passes, especially when laid in astounding structures, from herringbone designs to a basic inclining position. The most trendy of the materials are glass and ceramic. This is to somewhat because of their toughness and simple support, yet in addition, on account of the measure of light aura and elegance that they would bring to the bathroom. Impartial tones, including unadulterated white, dark colors, and pale pastels, are collaborating with a couple of intense hues to make illustrious magnificence. All of these color combinations along with glass, brilliantly complementing, either in the form of infringes or scattered in an independent geometric structure would turn your plain jane bathroom into utter royalty.

What are the ideal tiles for your shower?

If you have a separate fiberglass shower area, then your tiling should be different for that specific area. If you add the same pattern and design of tiles to your shower just like the rest of your bathroom, then no matter how amazing the tiles are, your bathroom will end up looking bland and boring. Just imagine the pretty surfaces and common shades of stone are additionally showing up in the shower encompass.

Stone is prominent for its fineness and solidness, yet additionally, it is also known for eroding under the influence of water. Hence, if that is why you do not want to add stone tiles in your shower, then you can go for other materials which give off the image of a stone, for instance, glass or clay, designed and patterned like a stone. Think about little clay tiles in a fascinating shape, for instance, like a hexagon. For an increasingly magnificent look, neutral-colored tiles with a radiant glass trim and iridescent accents will provide your bathroom with elegance, that can never be truly matched or captured in its originality.

Now, what should you do with your vanity space?

As stated above, we had set the rule that your shower space tiles and your vanity space tiles can never be the same. Otherwise, your bathroom will end up looking boring, basic, and completely bland.

First of all, you need to understand the importance of your vanity space. It is the centerpiece of your whole bathroom as it basically sets the tone, and is considered the main area in the room. By choosing the right tiles for the vanity space in the bathroom, you can definitely make a statement that everyone will go gaga for; moreover, you can take all the mirror selfies there and make posting selfies on your Instagram a trend. When it comes to vanity space, the patterned mosaic tiles are in trend. The tiles that reflect along with the mosaic tiles give off a light aura around your vanity space. For a minimalistic and organized look, a high-quality translucent glass tile in pale hues will do the job for you.

To tie in the look behind the sink to that in the shower, you can rehash your tile decisions, or utilize a similar shape or geometric establishment design. Your vanity space is the place that will shout out your personality in its true essence. Yes, your bathroom is capable of doing that. Moreover, if you are feeling a bit adventurous, you can go with bold patterns and colors, it’s 2019, after all.

To sum up,

The trend of the luxurious and up-to-date bathroom is back. You can ignore and overlook your tiny toilet items as they contribute to the overlook of the bathroom. Today’s goal was to update you with the bathroom trends and how can you give your bathroom a chic look.

So, now that you are well aware of the current tiling trends for bathrooms, you can go and look for pictures and products at bathroom inspector that may provide you with some inspiration. Remember and try to follow the overall theme of your house unless you are going for a ‘world tour’ theme in which each room depicts the specialties of a different country

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