How To Prevent From Hypertension With Yoga Poses?

Hypertension or high blood pressure can lead to severe health complications along with the same it increases the risk of heart disease, stroke, and sometimes a person may even die from the same. It manifests itself in regular increases in blood pressure, the indicators of which exceed 120/80. Those who are suffering from the same experience general weakness, headache, dizziness, swelling and redness of the face, palpitations, and the occurrence of tinnitus or shrouds in front of the eyes, bleeding from the nose and so on. All these symptoms are not only unpleasant but also dangerous. If the pressure is not stabilized on time, there is a risk of damage to blood vessels and hemorrhage in vital organs. Stroke and heart attack, atherosclerosis, thrombosis and paralysis are also frequent consequences of hypertension and it is actually a fairly common indirect cause of the death.

However, most often lead to hypertension, constant stress, sedentary lifestyle, overweight, disturbed metabolism, etc. In this sense, yoga can help to prevent pressure surges, as its practice is aimed at stabilizing the emotional state, physical development of the body, normalizing weight and the development of a culture of healthy eating. But what if hypertension is already there in your life? Is it possible to do yoga in this case? Do the asanas provocateurs hypertensive crises? Yes, it is and the best postures with deflections and tilting the head back, inverted asanas can improve the blood to the head and a jump in blood pressure.

Indeed, in the case of diagnosed hypertension, it is not necessary to approach yoga on general grounds and consult with your doctor. If the doctor gives the go-ahead to a gentle regime of training, the yoga instructor should be sure to report deviations in your health. Most likely, they will offer you an individual training program, from which the mentioned asanas- leaning forward standing, standing on the head, hands, especially with a long fixation and poses with deflections (camel Pose, Bridge Pose, etc.) should be excluded. One can go with the Hatha yoga, where high blood pressure can safely practice asanas such as standing:

  • Tadasana (Mountain Pose);
  • Tiryaki tadasana (the Posture of bending of the wood)
  • Vrikshasana (Tree Pose);
  • Trikonasana I (Pose five-pointed star);
  • Utthita Trikonasana (Triangle Pose);
  • Utthita Parshvakonasana (extended lateral angle pose), etc.

In a standing position on his knees in hypertension fit:

  • The posture of a semicircle;
  • Posture table;
  • Posture puppy;
  • Cat pose, etc.

From the seated postures high blood pressure can practice:

  • Siddhasana;
  • Virasana;
  • Padmasana, etc. asanas for meditation.

One can try inverted poses, including – Sarvangasana and Viparita-karani-mudra. But for hypertensive fit only lightweight versions of these asanas, are performed at the wall.

During yoga training with high blood pressure, it is extremely important that the received load is uniform and the rhythm of the lesson is calm. Pressure indicators should be monitored several times during the class or at least at the beginning, after the prime load and at the end to have an idea of the impact of asanas on your condition and in accordance with this in the future to build yoga training. If at some point you feel that the face is red, there is the shortness of breath and the heartbeats too often, then you immediately lie down on your back and try to stabilize.

In any case, hypertension cannot be idle and just swallow pills without getting up from the couch. A sedentary lifestyle can lead to metabolic disorders, obesity, osteochondrosis, etc. diseases. You can join a yoga teacher training course in Bali to learn more about yoga and get certified so that you can spread the wisdom and knowledge of yoga with others.

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