Listen To Your Calgary Wedding Photographer and Make it Memorable

Marriages are made in heaven and solemnize on earth” so you have grown up hearing. The thing that isn’t often stated as that it is the wedding photographer who captures this solemnization in picture perfect frames. We all have our own ideas about wedding photography. Sometimes we take inspirations looking at friends’ wedding albums while on other occasions it is about putting our crazy ideas to test. Whatever may be the reason the shots taken at your wedding should be just the way you want them to be. However it pays to listen to your Calgary wedding photographer instead of imposing your ideas on them. Here are some reasons you need to listen to your wedding photographer to make the occasion memorable –

They do it every day… You’d ideally tie the knot once or if circumstances force you’d exchange the vows on more than one occasion. Your knowledge about wedding or wedding photography in particular is limited to few weddings which you have seen up close. Wedding photographers do it for a living and they cover dozens of weddings every year. You can trust them to have better knowledge in what makes a perfect wedding album. It is thus important to sit down with your Calgary wedding photographer and discuss the shots at length. You must share your ideas and ask for their opinions.

It’s all about the setting… You may have been browsing through Instagram and Pinterest to look for inspirations. The thing people often miss out while looking at these inspirations is the larger frame. Will the photographer be able to create the same kind of shot at the venue or the setting? You need to leave it for your photographer to decide. For instance the perfect moment that was captured at your friend’s beach wedding may not appear the same when it is inside a church. The setting and the props play a very important role in the shots captured and you must trust your photographer to take a call on those perfect shots.

Respect the science behind photography… You may have heard photography is the art of playing with light and shadows. A person who perfects this art has the right to call himself/herself a professional photographer. Your photographer needs to familiarise with the venue prior to the wedding day. They may need to install special lighting equipment at the venue and bring in the other props to create the perfect combination of light and shadows. Have a friend or someone in the family to show them around and all the other places where you wish to get captured in the frame. This would go a long way in improving the quality of the images.

Give some room to them… You may have planned the picture perfect shot in your mind for ages and your photographer isn’t likely to deny you that moment. But you shouldn’t be adamant either and listen to the suggestions that the photographer may have for you. You may not like some of the ideas they present to you but you mustn’t reject them out rightly. Let they take some of the shots they suggest, pose the way they ask you to. You never know you might end up admiring those shots that you never wanted to be captured. Remember we have said earlier Calgary wedding photographers do this for a living.

To sum up the best wedding images are captured when you and your Calgary wedding photographer work as a team. You should listen to them all along. A great idea might strike their mind in the midst of all the noise and laughter. Cooperate with them and they wouldn’t disappoint you with the final product.

About the Author: James Smith is a season Calgary wedding photographer who has spent two decades in this profession starting in the film era. He writes regularly on wedding photography and also trains the next bunch of professionals.

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