Today where the population of people is increasing and the place to live there is getting smaller. In such a situation, when space is less, it becomes very difficult to manage the house properly. It is also very difficult for you to think about giving everything its rightful place.

But today we will tell you how you can manage your house well despite having less space. So let’s know

Correct use of empty and useless corners of the house:

Many times if the house is triangular then it is considered wrong according to Vastu. In such a situation, giving him a square shape, the triangular part is left just like that. In such a situation, you can use that left space in a stylish and unique way. So that the space left is not wasted and it is also used properly. These days, designers are insisting on doing this kind of work. Using this, today the house is being given a more stylish look.

Learn how to expand less space: 

First of all, it is necessary to do better planning as to what is good for your home and how less space should be expanded. What will you do if your family is of 4 people and suddenly 4 guests come to your house for dinner? Nowadays there are many such furniture presents in the market which occupies less space and many people can eat comfortably on it. These days sofa-less beds are quite in trend. These are such sofas that you can use as beds. At night you can make it a bed and in the morning a sofa from its back. This saves your space. If you have children in your house then you can take two sofas fewer beds. These are present in the market in every range.

Use stairs wisely: 

Stairs are an important and important part of our house. Many times we do not know how to use it properly. Using the space of the stairs becomes more important when our house is small. Build the cabinet under the stairs and store the magazine, locks, shoe polish, shoes, plastic, etc. items there. You can also decorate these cabinets. Place the indoor plant on top of the cabinet. Apart from this, if you have a little more space under the stairs, then you can also make a room or bathroom for your children.

Make small balcony attractive too:

Balcony is everyone’s first choice. But often due to lack of space in the house, the balconies are also small. In such a situation it becomes difficult for you to manage and make it beautiful. But we tell you how you can also make a balcony with less space beautiful. Use more of the hanging pot in the balcony so that space is less surrounded. In one corner, you can put a small sofa to sit. Also, you can use foldable furniture if you want.

Make a kitchen a smart kitchen:

You can make your small modular kitchen delhi look bigger with a little sense. You just need to manage it instead of spreading things in it. Kitchens occupy more space than placing utensils on self or floor. In such a situation, you should hang the utensils on the walls, for which you can use ‘S’ shape hooks. ‘S’ shapes are easily found in the hooks market. If there are drawers in your small kitchen, then keep a box in it only for a knife or spoon. Storage of inset utensils can be made on the top of the kitchen. You can use it according to your need. At the same time, under the kitchen self, the wooden box can be attached and the different sliding trays can be removed. 

Manage bed room like this:

The most important part of the house is the bedroom because part of the whole day is spent in the same room after the race. But it becomes difficult for us to manage the bedroom properly when the space is less due to the house being small. In such a situation, you can manage it properly through your smartness. Keep as much stuff in the bedroom as you need. You can use boxed beds. Also keep in mind the lighting in the room. Take care of the color of the wall as well. Always paint white, cream and binge in a small room. This makes the waist feel open and feeding.

Make a small guest room also fantastic:

In Indian culture, the guest is considered to be before God. But sometimes it is a little difficult to manage the guest room properly due to the house being small. You can use sofa less beds in the guest room. Or many such beds are in trend these days which are used on need or if it is picked up then it becomes a wardrobe. Don’t forget to put a mirror in the room. A small cupboard should also be in this room so that the guest cannot keep their salmon here and there and keep it properly in the cupboard. Place blankets, towels, etc. in the drawers under the lamina.

A small study room in such a house:

Everyone wants a house, small or big, that there should be a small study room in his house. Because having a study room, children can read comfortably without any noise. To make a small study room in the room, make the furniture according to the places. You can also make a study room with a small chair-table. If there is more then you can also place a desk instead of a table. You can use the wall for the book shelf. If there is no room to make a study room in the house, then you can make a study room by doing a small partition in a big room or the largest area.

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