Malaysia Can be Your Destination for Studying Environmental Science

With the worldwide news of the excellence of Malaysia in the field of education and prospective career, many students are considering studying in this nation.

About Environmental Science:

A field of study that deals with the way human beings relate to the environment and the kind of impact human living holds on the environment.

How can you know that environmental science is right for you?

Ask yourself:

Whenever you come across environmental awareness talks, do you feel involved in it?

Do all the cells of your body come alive suddenly?

Whenever you get any pamphlet on environment saving, do you feel happy and find out the details via the website?

If your answer to all these questions is ‘Yes’, then Environmental Science is the right course for you.

Everyone must save the environment and keep it safe. There is a requirement in Malaysia for talented individuals with the right skills for finding out positive solutions for the environment. The course of environmental science incorporates biology, ecology, physics, and chemistry.

Reason to study Environmental Science:

Studying environmental science is important for changing the world by comprehending how it works, and then begin handling the demanding issues of today.

Developing critical thinking:

You need to know the way of co-existence of the distinctive species in a particular biological system, and how one can be the subject to the other. Again, the basic believing is extremely pressing to think of the consistent answers for the issues.

Making a change:

The world must be more eco-accommodating for boosting the personal satisfaction of nature, individuals and creatures. You want to make a real change as you are tired of hearing people discussing their wish to see the world as a better place, the air must be perfect, the ocean needs to be clear, trees need to be saved, etc. Added, you don’t like the bitter fact that people are dying at an early age due to various diseases that occurred by catastrophic events and contamination.

Generating awareness of environmental problems:

In the course of environmental science, you have to do several types of research in the fields of environment, and with the research arrives the discovery of the new spheres of study. You can learn new things and share the newly found knowledge with the whole world.

Environmental Science as per the industry experts:

The fights are similar in the areas of saving the planet, taking people out of poverty, progressing the economic growth, etc. The dots between global health, water scarcity, climate change, food security, energy shortages, and women’s empowerment should be connected.

Entry requirements for the course of Environmental Science:

It is a Diploma in Environmental Science.

You have to pass SPM with at least C grade in six subjects like Bahasa Malaysia, Additional Mathematics, Mathematics, English, Biology or Physics, and Chemistry.

You have to pass O-Level and get a minimum C grade in five subjects that are mathematics, English, Chemistry, Physics or Biology, and one another subject.

Skills required for Environmental science Course:

Skills on critical thinking:

If you have the critical thinking ability, then this course is apt for you as the environmental scientists are required to solve environmental problems with expertise and critical thinking. You can understand that you have the quality if your friends share their problems with you and you go deep to find the root cause and also the way to solve them.

Tenacity to work in a team:

A scientist does not work all alone. Tons of research work needs to be done that involves communication with colleagues, partners, and even strangers for the sake of data collection. The more people you will communicate with, the more well-informed you will be about the latest happenings that can eventually influence the work. It is crucial to be a team player. If you have leadership qualities, it’s a plus point for you.

Being Disciplined:

If you want to be an environmental scientist, you need to be self-disciplined, work very hard and independently. You need to be totally focused and motivated to do your task. Money may not be the sole motivation for you. Passion to save the environment is more important.

All the courses you want to study must be accredited by MQA or Malaysian Qualifications Agency.

Career options in Malaysia for the degree holders of Environmental Science:

  • Climatologist
  • Ecologist
  • Anthropologist
  • Geographer
  • Environmental Health and Safety Officer

Environmental Science is one such subject that can give you a good future.

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