Metal Photo Prints: The Latest Photo Printing Technique

Metal prints have become one of the latest trends at the end of high-end art and home décor. When you are printing on the metal substrate and other pieces of artwork, this usually refers to that of metal photo prints.

There are some confusions that linger around metal prints and where the difference lies in comparison to their traditional photo prints as this is something that is a straightforward option here.

Dye-Sublimation Metal Prints

People mostly refer to the prints that are made with the help of the process of dye-sublimation when they are referring to the metal prints Vancouver. Dye-sublimation is the ancient process that was discovered way back in 1957 where the transition of the solid to the gaseous state was seen before becoming a liquid.

This process can also be termed as heat transfer as this is used extensively for printing on the textiles, paper, and other materials when you are printing fabrics, banners or signs and other personalized items here.

It is mainly a rectangular piece of metal or wood that features the smaller slots for the nails and screws as these blocks are located on the back of the print where dye-sublimation metal photo prints can be sold without the hanging block.

The four-drilled holes on every corner can be dug through which the copies will be ordered here. These prints also have smaller metal posts that are attached to them to stick the impression over the wall here. Both the types of prints will be giving an appearance of the artwork that is floating off the wall much like that of the floater frame.

This is never a new application process when it comes to printing photos on the metals as they are also referred to as the metal prints. This technique was well developed for the creation of the metal prints through the process of dye sublimation way back in 2003.

The process here involves the printing of the image in reverse onto the paper that is used for sublimation and the use of the specialized inks for making this print under the dye-sublimation process. In a heat press, the ink is secured well on top of the aluminum sheet that is cut in their perfect size.

The ink here transforms into gas and is bonded on to the metal with the use of both heat and pressure. Metal prints are also known as the aluminum prints too!

UV Metal Prints

UV curable inkjet printing is the other printing method that is used to print the photos onto metals. Here an image is printed directly onto the aluminum with the help of specialized inks that get cured under the UV light here in this method.

You will not find any sheen to the ink as that there are on the other types of metal prints with the deposits of the ink that is there on top of the aluminum substrate.

People also often get confused with the other types of metal prints that are there as they are usually the misnomers. This is simply a photo that is printed on the metallic paper featuring that of the multiple sheets and laminate that is often known as the Mylar is what the metallic prints are usually.

Where to Hang Metal Prints

Except for the greater lasting, the metal prints can be well treated similar to that of the other framed photo prints. For the bathrooms even, the metal prints are ideal as they are waterproof too and no glazing is required here. Underneath the glass of the acrylic paint, no risk is associated with it.

The metal prints should not be hung under the direct sunlight with the dye that would be fading in an intense UV light not as quickly as that of the photographic paper, though these prints are very durable.

Framing Metal Prints

The metal prints Vancouver do not require the recommended protective materials all together in a complete frame package to that of the mat board and glazing as these prints are created with the process of dye-sublimation.

In the correct type of metal and wood frame, you can dress up a metal print in the best way ever. There is a piece of wood or a metal featuring the smaller holes that allows you to hang the frame for the metal print here and this is how the edition will come to you.

After you have got your print, these metal prints can be framed in the best way with the use of metal or wood.

After your print is done, the metal prints can be framed beautifully in either wood or metal as this is a matter of what you like to have as the best!


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