Movierulz New Way Of Entertainment

Movierulz New Way Of Entertainment

Most of the time I get to know about the leak of the new movies on the pirate sites. But when it comes to entertainment and especially the movie fan knows how to get free movies online. Movierulz is an online video streaming platform, which provides movies in different languages. If you are a  movie freak just like me and want to save some bucks, then you should check out this site.

Movierulz has all the new movies collection with good quality of the picture. You can absolutely customize your picture quality according to your preference. The quality would be from 240p to 1080p also if you are using sites like 123movies than you must bookmark this as well due to anonymous non-availability of the website that make you miss entertainment. 

Possible to download?

I was looking for options for download, I was blown away by the options for downloading. There are more than 5 options. That will depend on your selection of quality. There are qualities from 240p to 1080p on this website. 

Torrent magnet is there, you need to click on the magnet appearing image and it will redirect you to torrent download. Other ways to download are IDM and the video downloader that are available on google.

What is additional?

You might have seen other pirated websites, who offer you the movies or tv shows. But Movierulz has some special addition to just only Hollywood movies. not only Hollywood movies but there are a lot of collections of Hollywood, Bollywood, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam plus Bengali and Punjabi. Can you believe it? These many languages and their movies in the same place, quite an unbelievable right!!.

To be honest, I was also surprised by this, so many varieties of language. I got a lot of new releases here as well some old once

Not only videos and movies, but this website also contains audio and songs of the movies. If you are not good at understanding one language and want to watch that particular movie then you need to try this site. They have more than 1 or 2 languages dubbed

Movierulz unblocker

By the time, it is possible that this website will also get blocked in your region or country. Not to be afraid, there is a solution to every problem. The other day, I was using the previous website of Movierulz, and I found that it is restricted by the government authority of my country.

So,  I need to find some way to run this site. For a time like this, VPN proxies are very helpful. You can add to chrome or your device where you are streaming.

Collection of genres

This site has more than 20 genres in it. That makes it more popular amongst all age groups. From drama, fantasy, action, horror, history to documentary. All these collections in a single place. If you are an explorer like me who want to taste a different genre then this is for you. 

One thing, in addition, that is if you are above 18 then there is a category for you too. Consist of some nudity and adultery but strictly age-restricted. Below 18, do not even try to peak on that category.

Is it safe to watch movies on MovieRulz?

As of now, I know that this is a pirate site and the piracy of illegal in most of the countries. But the lust of movies can’t let us avoid these sites. Watching, uploading, sharing and downloading is punishable in law. Nobody has been arrested for watching or downloading. Whereas, the person who uploads it can get arrested for sure.

Production houses do not get any sort of revenue from these websites and also they asked for not to leak movies online. However, it didn’t stop and it is increasing day by day.

If you do not want to encourage piracy and help the production house then go legal. For that, you need to get a subscription

Paid platforms

Netflix and amazon prime are a good example. They offer one-month free access and then you will be charged. They are not that expensive and they have their own content. These are totally advertisement free. Free websites have so many backlinks and redirect links and that is what annoys a lot. You will get all the new releases up to date with great print and in the legal websites.

Make threat free streaming

To those who like to stream from the free website like Movierulz. There are chances that you get affected by malware or viruses. For that make sure to install any sort of antivirus or keep your firewall strong enough to fight these viruses. Although, it won’t affect your device while streaming one or two pirated websites but still why to rake risk.

Annoying bugs irritating you?

I know the feeling of getting popups every second and won’t get away any soon. But there is something that you can use to get rid of these sorts of bugs. You can add AdBlock on our chrome or any browser you are using. Maybe try these tricks to skip the ads.

  • Skip the ads as soon as you can.
  • Go to another window for a few seconds to avoid the ads that play before the video.
  • Go full screen to avoid ads around the video.
  • If you think it is a good value, you can pay on sites like YouTube to get an ad-free experience.

Final words

In the end, I would just say that, do not spread or give promotion to this kind of pirated websites. They may be free but are not legal at all. Also, there are other options if you like to explore such as Netflix, amazon prime videos or Hotstar. 

They charge a subscription for money access or yearly. That will be according to you. However, you will get one month of free access to these of the biggest advantage of premium subscription is no ads at all. 

Well, can’t stop everyone from accessing the free website for movies but if you can avoid these then don’t hesitate. Enjoy watching and share your experience with Movierulz plus comment on your favorite movie of all time.

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