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Transport facilities had helped a lot in travelling. Life seems to be impossible without the means of transports. The transport industry has helped every other industry and even organizations to grow. The trade has gone to another level and there is no restrictions regarding boundaries anymore. If you’re thinking to make an import export business you can easily start it with the help of transport.

Among the means of transports railway is the most used by people. Railway is the actual epitome of development and convenience. Railway has helped not only the people in their travelling but also in the transportation of goods from one place to another.  The advantages that railway offer as medium of transport is:

  • Speed
  • Accuracy
  • Less time to reach a place
  • Economical
  • Environment friendly
  • Saves energy

Shunting railway company has helped in transferring rolling stocks from one place to another. Shunting is a process in railway that means to sort these stocks into trains. Railways in India had been on a different growth set that has lot of development take place. Some of the features of the Indian Railways are:

  • Providing utility: Railways have provided a lot of utility to the public of the country. This has made it easy for people to go to a place without taking much time. It is a fast and cheap mode for travelling that has provided public with all the facilities and has eventually increased their utility.
  • Monopoly: The Indian railway has a monopoly over the business and is under only one organization. This has lead to the increased profit margin and a faster growth in terms of customers and development of the industry.
  • Privilege: The one paying with a higher price for the tickets can get a privilege in some features as compared to other. It purely depends on how people want their journey to be. Some of the people travel in lower class departments while some travel in AC departments.
  • High Initial investment: To start a train is not at all easy. It requires millions of funds to start a new train and then cost is incurred on its maintenance as well. So overall the initial investment required for the railway is quiet high.
  • Non- revocable: Once a railway track is made somewhere then that decision is irrevocable. The tracks made cannot be reversed or broken once they are made.
  • Fixed rate: The ticket price for railways is equal for every citizen. Every place and destination station has its own cost and there is no discrimination on the basis of gender or caste.
  • Huge number of tracks: There are many numbers of tracks all over the country. Number of stations and routes are increasing every year. Indian railways cover a large area in the country.

Shunting railway contractor has also increased in the past few years. Railways has helped not in increasing convenience but has also helped in increasing the employment opportunities for people. Railways had eventually turned out to be the most convenient source.

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