Sick of Hair Loss and Being Overweight? This blog will Overcome all!

Are you feeling plagued by hair loss and carrying extra weight? You are not alone! Many people are battling these scares for years without any handy solution. You may have also tried many tips, but they may not have helped your case. 

Why don’t you spare a few minutes and go through this blog to explore a few tried and tested tips to overcome hair loss and overweight issues? Read on!

Tips for hair loss 

  • Hot oil massage 

You can hear some oil (almond or coconut oil) and massage on your scalp slowly using your fingertips. It will help to increase the blood flow to hair follicles and enhance the strength of the roots of your hair and even condition the scalp.

  • Onion juice

Onion juice has high sulfur content and is effective against hair loss and increases blood flow to the hair follicles. It also leads to a reduction of inflammation. The presence of anti-bacterial properties in onion juice keeps away germs that cause scalp infection, which may lead to hair loss. 

  • Beetroot juice 

Beetroot is an item that can be your go-to remedy for many ailments, and hair loss is no exception. Hair loss may also be caused by nutrition deficiency and including beetroot in your diet can help you fight off this issue sooner than expected.      

Tips for shedding extra weight 

  • Drink water before meals 

You may have heard that drinking water can help with weight loss, and it is true! Drinking water can boost metabolism by 24-30% over 1-2 hours, and it may burn off a few more calories. Also, drinking half litre-water before meals can help dieters to eat lesser calories and lose 44% more weight compared to people who did not drink water. 

  • Drink green tea

Green tea has many health benefits, and one of them is weight loss. Green tea is loaded with powerful antioxidants called catechins, which enhance fat burning. Hence, many studies claim that green tea as a beverage or extract can help you lose weight. 

  • Cut back on added sugar 

Added sugar is one of the worst ingredients that you may find in today’s modern diet, and most people consume way too much. Studies state that sugar is involved with strongly linked with an increased risk of obesity and may lead to diabetes and heart diseases. Hence, you should also cut back on adding extra sugar in your diet if you want to shed weight. 

Along with implementing hair loss and weight loss tips, you should also give slimming products and weight loss programs from Dr Batra Clinic a chance. Dr Batra Clinic is known all over for its effective hair loss and other programs.

  • Hair loss treatment 

Hair loss treatment is an effective and internationally proven homoeopathic medicine based program to combat loss of hair. The package from Dr Batra Clinic includes: 

  • 96.6% success rate for treatment 
  • No side effects, safe and natural 
  • Slows down the natural progression of hair loss 
  • Balances the hair cycle 

You don’t need to worry about paying the price of this hair loss product at once and hurting you are outlaying. The starting EMI is Rs.2,000, which may help you pay without worries. Bajaj Finserv EMI Network has tied with Dr Batra Clinic to assist you in spread the cost over a tenor and never worry about the treatment cost.   

Avail slimming products on EMIs and save 

You can also walk into any of the Bajaj Finserv partner clinics that are offering slimming products and divide the cost of the treatment in instalments and pay over a tenor. Now losing weight does not have to be taxing on your wallets. 

Steps to avail EMI facility for slimming products and more 

  1. Walk into any of the partner clinic registered with the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network in India. 
  2. Choose a slimming product as per your choice and swipe the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card. 
  3. Now divide the cost over a tenor, pay EMIs and continue to avail treatments without budget worries. 

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