Smart Home Security Systems

The words ‘change’ and ‘technology’ has become synonymous with the human race. In this era of chatbots, AI, ML, and cloud technology, can the security systems be far behind? Okay, you may have worked in an office where the biometric scan is required to enter the office environment. Cut to the present day, smart home locks have come and they have revolutionized the very concept of security. In this article, let us focus on the smart home security systems.

Smart Home

Smart Home

Shall we first go to the description of a smart home? With the technology called as Internet of Things, it is possible to monitor/control the lights, lawnmowers, door locks and more. Will you believe that the activity is done with an app and a smartphone? With the new technology, it is possible to monitor the home from anywhere. But yes, you need a professional installation for the gadgets to get in tandem with your other smart home devices.

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Imagine you want to go on a vacation from your Mumbai home. You can set up a smart home surveillance camera and keep a note of the happenings in your dwelling. If a window is broken or there are activities on your front door, you can get an alarm.

Now, let us get down to the basics. 

Home Automation & Smart Home Security Systems

Home Automation

In the entry-level of home security, you can find sensors, a motion detector that you can communicate with WiFi or another type of network. There are also systems which can cover the entire home such as garage door openers, door locks, water sensors and more.

These days, doing the automation for the entire home will be difficult if you have a budget restraint. You may opt for smaller home security systems such as window and door sensors. They do not cost much and their power can be taken from small batteries. 

But you cannot bypass the entire position of a WiFi system. And these days, it is not enough if you get information regarding the break-ins. A complete home automation system with surveillance cameras will record the entire criminal activity. There are other devices such as Zigbee as well as Z-wave that can be controlled by the hub. 

The advantage in the home automation system is that you schedule the working of appliances. Sitting in another place, you can open the windows when the smoke alarms go off in your room. Some systems offer cloud storage after recording an entire event. Some devices offer DVR capabilities with the recording of time. 

You need not read a big book to know the functioning of these systems. You can use the smartphone to disarm the system and do many more activities in alarm. If you have bought the most expensive system in security, you will be given a hub that has the features of the touch-screen display. 

DIY Home Security

The devices are easy to buy as the prices are affordable. You can also save on subscription and installation fees. They are designed to be easily installed and can be modified to suit your needs. After a certain period, you can add other devices as per the requirement. 

The basic level system will have two wireless protocols. The complex and others can support many protocols of the other variety. In the first case, you will receive an alert in case of an unfortunate situation. You may have to contact the local authorities to take care of the problem. 

Examples – FrontPoint, SimpliSafe and Scout

Smart Home Security Systems  – Professional Home Safety

There are some systems (basic) you can install by the DIY method, but there are also complex components which can require installation by a professional. If your home is near violence and theft ridden areas, then this sort of protection will help. But the fact is, that the expense will be more and you have to enter a contract. In case you do not want the service, you may have to forego some money as a means of not opting for the entire period. The touchscreen camera uses touch screen hubs to control many components in the home. 

In an expensive home security system, you get the advantage of 365/24/7 monitoring. So, if an alarm gets triggered, then the executive will opt for the first option to contact. By call. In case of no response, the concerned agencies will get notified. 

You will also get an expert team to do the installation. They will also guide on how to operate the system. Please note, that all the expensive security systems for the home are supported by Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and even Apple Siri. With these reputed home systems, you can modify the temperature in the AC and open the doors of the garage. 

Example – Wink Lookout, Nest Secure, Life Shield

Cost of Security Systems

Some systems require you to pay a monthly fee. There are, however, some systems such as the Nest Secure kit where you purchase the hardware. There are a single year and three-year packages. For a basic security system, you need to self-monitor the device. 

Smart Home Security Systems  – Camera

If you feel that the expense of home security automation system is more, opt for a security camera. This device can also sync with your WiFi. And you can control with your smartphone. The CCTV has sensors that can detect motion and sound. They can trigger alarms or send emails in a situation. 

In case you have bought an expensive model, it can detect the changes in temperature and send signals to thermostats and lights. The best way is to purchase a camera (having an SD card slot). You can record the video in case of detection of sound or motion. But do not forget to save the recordings or else they will get overwritten. The best option is to search for a CCTV assemble which has a cloud storage plan.

Example – 360 HD security camera, Arlo Pro 2, Nest Hello

Types of Cameras

You can also buy an outdoor camera. Please do not forget to check if the model is weatherproof. Also, the camera needs ample electric power to do its duty. Or else buy a model which has batteries. Similar to the indoor cameras, this device can also get connected with the WiFi of your home and it is possible to view the video. If you have got these cameras as a gift, ensure to do the installation from an experienced professional electrician.

Do you need an electrician in Bangalore to do the set-up for your home? Then, instead of wasting time on listing websites, search for the best pro via the app of companies offering home services in Bangalore. Some examples of outdoor cameras are

  • Arlo Ultra
  • Ring Floodlight Cam

It is advisable that you search for the camera which you can integrate with other home systems to make your life easier. 

Other smart devices have got introduced this year such as the video doorbells. As per the title, the video doorbell remains connected to the WiFi network. You will get an alert if the sensors detect a human in the doorway. The video recording starts as the doorbell gets pressed. Oh yes, there is also a two-way communication via the audio to converse with the customer. 

For models, check the RemoBell S and Ring Video Doorbell 2.

Smart Home Security Systems  – Best Lock

This device is a recent trend in home security. You can open and close the smart door via the mobile app. You also get a notification when the door gets opened or closed. This smart lock also works in tandem with Siri, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa voice commands. 

Example – August Smart Lock Pro

Hacking of Smart Home Security Systems

You may have heard about phishing and the threats to online transactions. For any product or service linked to the internet, the system can get hacked. So, it is necessary to have a proper security system in the home.

If your WiFi in the Pune home gets hacked, then the criminal mind can use the device to carry out his/her criminal activities. How would you feel if a third person is monitoring your inside and outside view cameras? After setting up the camera, do not forget to check if the settings are secure. This practice will prove a long way to ensure the safety of your home. You can seek the assistance of companies offering home services in Pune if you need security experts.

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