The 20 best cleaning tips for home and your business

In Cleaning Services New Jersey we know everything about cleaning for the amount of experience accumulated, and that is why in this article we will share the best cleaning tips that you can apply both when cleaning home and in your business to achieve better results saving time and effort.

Generic cleaning tips:

  1. When you get down to work we will give you the first of the tricks for cleaning the home , or the business, which consists of having all the items and accessories that you are going to need within a bowl or basket with sufficient capacity, and In this way you will have everything you need without wasting time with continuous travel in search of what you have forgotten.
  2. Schedule previously the tasks to organize house cleaning , like the real professionals, and do not interrupt the work constantly, or even stop until you finish the planned objectives. In this way you will be able to perform a more efficient work and in less time.
  3. Make good ventilation while cleaning at home or business, because without proper air renewal, you do not get a complete feeling of cleanliness.
  4. If one day you almost have no time to clean the house and you will receive unforeseen visits, the fundamental thing is to collect all the spaces well, while you are ventilating, and simply use the vacuum cleaner on the floors, change the nozzle and put the small brush termination to remove dust from furniture, and review traces of footprints with a damp cloth. The order of the home is essential to improve the feeling of cleanliness .
  5. Use the wet cleaning system when you have to clean horizontal surfaces, to prevent dust from rising and falling again.
  6. Always clean from top to bottom both wet and dry.
  7. Take advantage of the general cleaning moments when cleaning at home or in the office, to get rid of all the useless junk that makes you waste a lot of time every time you have to clean daily.
  8. If your vitro scraper has run out of blade, use an aluminum scourer with your vitro cleaning product , and you will get the same result.
  9. If you just scrubbed the floors, and you can’t wait to pass when they are still wet, spread the paper of a magazine or newspaper to step on it. Then you just have to pick them up, without having to review the fingerprint cleaning .
  10. To clean silver, cutlery and other objects are perfect with a cloth dampened with water and a little baking soda. After spreading the mixture, wait for it to dry, and then rub it with energy to remove the remains of product and dirt, and you will see how shiny the silver remains.
  11. When it comes to cleaning walls and ceilings, use a mop with telescopic handle to avoid using the stairs, or do it with your vacuum cleaner, if it has an extendable handle.
  12. Old cotton t-shirts are a valuable ally in cleaning glass and polished surfaces, so don’t throw them away when you throw them away to wear.
  13. When doing household or business cleaning , it is not necessary to use a lot of cleaning products, but a few effective and well chosen.
  14. Quinces are great natural aromatizers for your home , car or business, without harmful chemicals, and can be very decorative by strategically placing them in baskets, or other types of packaging.

Kitchen and bathroom cleaning tips :

  1. In the cleaning of bathrooms, apply the cleaning product on the toilets and use while acting to clean the mirrors, shelves, and other objects, to finally remove the cleaning detergent finally.
  2. If you do not have anti-grease products, at a certain time, use vinegar, salt and dishwashing detergent on a scourer, and you will get the same effect, when doing the cleaning cook thoroughly , yes, then you will have to remove the mixture with a cloth and hot water, rinsing constantly.
  3. To avoid choking in the drain pipes, pour boiling water to clean your interior periodically, and keep the protectors of sinks, showers and bidets clean.
  4. Aluminum scourers have a great abrasive power that can help you a lot when getting rid of stains embedded in hard surfaces, such as those formed in the corners of the ceramic floors when doing the kitchen cleaning thoroughly , or in any other place with soils of these characteristics.
  5. If you do not know how to clean the oven full of grease, make a paste with baking soda and vinegar, open the kitchen window well, and spread the compound with the help of a scourer through the trays and base, since the sides are usually self- cleanable

Then turn on the oven at medium temperature so that the elements take heat, before starting the cleaning , turn off again and open the door, to remove a tray with thermal protection gloves, remove all the remains you can with newspaper, and end up rubbing with a scourer, hot water and more prepared mixture. Rinse with water at a good temperature, and dry with paper towels.

Repeat with the rest of the pieces that are still hot inside the oven until finished.

  1. To clean the casseroles and pans with burnt remains very easily, let them soak in cold water, until you see the waste increase in size. Then use a spoon to scratch as much dirt and remove it without scratching.

Finally, with the help of a green scourer or an aluminum scourer, depending on the coating of the pot or pan, the cleaning with the dishwashing detergent and hot water is finished .

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