Things You Need to Know About Pregnancy Complications Insurance

Pregnancy is considered to be the best gift that is bestowed upon a woman. However, not all would-be mothers are lucky enough to enjoy this crucial phase of their life to the fullest. While most women encounter one or the other health issues during pregnancy, some of them suffer from serious pregnancy complications. Such complications can be related to the mother’s health, the unborn child’s health, or both.

How can you deal with pregnancy complications?

Complications and pregnancy difficulties can arise even if the woman was healthy before conceiving the child. Pregnancy complications, which can turn one’s pregnancy into a high-risk, require proper care and treatment through medication and hospitalization. Through adequate prenatal and postnatal care, a woman can give birth to a healthy baby and revive her health. Further, one can invest in a comprehensive pregnancy complications insurance plan that can come to the rescue during an untoward situation.

Why do you need pregnancy complications health cover?

In light of the spiralling costs of healthcare, you need to be prepared well in advance to deal with expected and unexpected medical expenditures. Expenses related to pregnancy are not as reasonable these days as they used to be. Thus, you must prepare yourself for the expenses related to your pregnancy and the delivery of your baby.

By purchasing a pregnancy complications insurance policy, you will get coverage for any complications that may arise during your pregnancy or delivery and safeguard yourself from the increasing healthcare costs.

When should you apply for pregnancy health cover?

Ideally, you should seek pregnancy coverage before you conceive. The reason being, sometimes insurance companies deny providing cover if the lady is already pregnant. As per some insurance companies, it is considered a pre-existing condition.

In addition, pregnancy insurance plans have a waiting period of 2-4 years before the actual maternity benefits come into play. Hence, it is advisable to buy pregnancy insurance as early as possible as it will help you plan your pregnancy in a better way.

What factors should you consider before procuring pregnancy health cover?

  • Coverage: While buying health insurance with pregnancy coverage, you need to ensure that the policy provides adequate cover for all pregnancy-related costs like pre and post-hospitalization, pre and post-natal, delivery, childcare, vaccination and any unforeseen pregnancy complications.
  • Waiting period: Most pregnancy insurance plans have a waiting period of 2-4 years, which means that you have to wait for a certain period of time for the commencement of the policy to avail maternity benefits. Thus, it is advisable to purchase a pregnancy insurance policy with minimum waiting period so that you can enjoy the benefits at the required time.
  • Terms and conditions: Just like any other insurance plan, before buying a pregnancy complications insurance policy, it is advisable to read all the policy-related literature thoroughly. You must analyse and compare all the features, benefits, inclusions and exclusions before buying a plan.

Pregnancy Complications Cover by Bajaj Finserv

Bajaj Finserv offers Pregnancy Complications Cover under its Pocket Insurance & Subscriptions category is an insurance plan designed for pregnant women. This special plan offers high coverage of up to Rs. 50,000 at a bare minimum annual premium of Rs. 499. This maternity plan addresses pregnancy complications like gestational diabetes and ectopic pregnancy that need prompt medical attention and also incur high expenditure.

What is covered under Pregnancy Complications Cover?

Here is a list of the expenses that are covered under Pregnancy Complications Cover offered by Bajaj Finserv:

  • Coverage for hospitalization expenses for the pregnancy complications specified in the policy document.
  • Coverage for the medical expenses incurred 15 days before and after hospitalization due to the specified pregnancy complications.
  • Coverage for expenses on diagnostic tests before or during hospitalization.
  • Coverage for doctor’s fees before, during and after hospitalization.
  • Coverage for the cost of medicines bought before, during and after hospitalization
  • Coverage for expenses on room rent, ICU, blood transfusion, etc.

By availing this plan, you can insure yourself and your unborn child adequately and make your pregnancy a memorable experience. Additionally, you can top-up your coverage with Hospital Cash Cover, an offering of Pocket Insurance & Subscriptions. Providing a sum insured of Rs. 10,000, this plan protects you against the financial strain of hospitalization.

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