Top 5 management tools for a small business owner

Small business management tools have their own importance. I mean artificial intelligence is the need of the hour. You cannot put little complex things on the human minds, you have to use a business management tool for your small business no time ever before. Business management tools for business save your crucial time and money in terms of the solution of small tasks, and you will be able to save your effort.

So, there are multiple solutions to this problem are available on the web in terms of business management tools. You can use the solutions for all of your business management related problems and you can further get rid of integration worries form the equation entirely.

In addition, data backup is also one of the biggest issues that we have seen over the years for small business due to online attacks. Therefore, you have to deal with it. Apart from this, you can also manage upgrades, hardware or backups and plenty of others alike.

So, if you are one of those people that desperately looking forward to managing your back up office, and often front as well, the following are the best picks of the business management tools for small business.


It simply offers the user to have a communication team for the 21st century. Now old days are gone when you have to deal within the group and you suddenly receive plenty of notifications at once that create a mess for you, even missed messages directed at you, and everything got mixed in it. So, slack gives you an edge to have communication without facing hazels. In addition, you can use the channels of this tool to share files, phone calls, messages and to appreciate an employee’s efforts through “taco” to get the job well done.


You can use it to make Google built a GSuite in order to serve the total range of functionality for the business. It really helps you out to purchase your own domain, set –up to an email client, monitor complete analytics of your website, and even deal with campaigns at a very low cost. You can simply keep your business centered on your branded domain through Google platform that particularly gives you peace of mind to have everything at a single spot.


The HR department of every individual small business organization is messy, complex and could be paper-heavy. Most of the business owners are looking forward to switching from their HR messy things to the contemporary all in one solution platforms such as GoCo. It is basically an online-based human resource and benefits platforms streamline employee onboarding and offboarding, secret documents, time in and time out monitoring, productivity monitoring, compliance, and administration. It gives you a clear advantage to get all these jobs done without using paper through the artificial intelligence or business management tool like GoCo.

Good hire

The recruitment process these days is very hectic and complicated. Today, when companies going to hire employees for small businesses. They have to deal with the background checks, verification process, and reference checks. Furthermore, pre-hire skills credit checks, drug screening, education, and plenty of other things like that. Good hire, can do all these types of boring things for you and you don’t need to do the paperwork but to do a couple of clicks on your personal cell phone device. In addition, you can get the results of all the paperwork for less than 24 hours. It will make easy for you to expand the team of your company without having doubts in mind and empowers you to run operations better than ever.

TheOneSpy Data backup & live screen recorder

The end-user can use the data back & live screen recording tool. It enables you to create a backup of all the data stored on your company’s owned cellphones, gadgets and computer devices. In case, your devices have been attacked by the hackers and you may think you have lost the data. However, if you already have installed TheOneSpy phone spy app then you can retrieve all the data within no time. In addition, you can make a check on your employees’ activities through live screen recorder that enables end-users to perform live screen recording in terms of back to back videos that you can see having access to its dashboard. It protects your data and updates you about the employees’ activities within the working hours.

You can use the above-mentioned business management tools to get rid of time-wasting little and complex tasks.

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