Train food parcel – package of happiness and flavor for train travelers

Food is something which binds people from different parts of the world. A human being living in any part of the world desires to taste world cuisines which one can get from various restaurants. Apart from restaurants, one also wants a medium through which one can enjoy different foods and recipes during their transit or journey.

Train journeys can be long and tiresome which can individual hungry. An individual may want eat their favorite dishes and cuisines during their train journeys. Moreover, the food provided in Indian railways are not up to the mark and not of preferred quality which makes an individual think whether there is a way he/she can order their favorite food from their favorite restaurants. 

Food on train is a relatively new concept in India and a brilliant business idea which has completely revolutionized the way railway passengers order their favorite food during their train journeys. According to the concept of Food on Train, an individual can order their most favorite dishes and cuisines whether it is Italian, continental, Chinese or Indian from their favorite restaurants or cafes. One can get their food delivered to one’s seat by using the official application or website of the Food on train service providers. Travelers can get their train food parcel delivered at their favorite location right at their seats without any need for leaving the train and platform for collecting their order.

Features which make food on train service providers so important and beneficial for travelers are listed below:


  • Convenience:


Travelers can get their favorite dish delivered to their seats in the train by ordering the food online or using the application provided by food on train service providers. This provides a lot of convenience to the travelers travelling through train as they do not have to carry their own food or eat the food sold by local food hawkers and vendors. One can get their food delivered to one’s preferred platform using the services provided by food on train service providers and companies.


  • Variety of dishes:


Food on train service providers and companies offer variety of cuisines and dishes which can be ordered through their online website or application or through direct call. Moreover, the service providers and companies offer almost every type of dish ranging from pizzas to authentic varieties like Indian bread and curries. The companies provide food from professional and established restaurants and food chains who prepare dishes using best of their abilities. The restaurant chains have one establishment in every major town and city spread all across India which makes them best for delivery on train.



  • Preferred payment modes:


Food on train service providers and companies also provide best payment modes and mechanisms to travelers. One can pay for their ordered food and dishes using various modes and methods like online payment, credit and debit cards and cash in delivery which proves to be of real convenience for the passengers.

An individual just has furnish his/her traveling route, train number, PNR number and status, ID proof and other small details on the application and website for confirming their order. Train food parcel is served hot and prepared using fresh ingredients to provide real authentic taste and flavor to train travelers.


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